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Introduction to Google Play store Gift Cards and Voucher Codes

Owners of a smartphone with Android operating system you do not have probably explain long, what it is at the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know a few details about the Android Store, where often there are numerous apps and tools even as a free download. Use towards millions of books, songs, movies, apps, and more from the Google Play store. Redeem on the Web or Android devices, no credit card needed.

With the Google Play Store coupon you can make others happy. How that is possible and how to redeem, the user learns here! In the Google Play Store is an online store for apps and software mainly for tablets and smartphones with an Android operating system. Normally this app and software store is already installed on the respective devices, but this should not even be the case, the user of the Google Play Store can here for free (/ Download Managers /). The Google Play Store Voucher – What is it? The Google Play store voucher is a gift card for the Google Play Store, where users can search for and download different apps and software.


The voucher is a nice gift for any occasion, because with it the recipient’s favorite entertainment, speak different paid apps and software search, download and can load to the terminal of your choice. Whether the voucher now is for another person or even for yourself – the gift certificate, the buyer gets comfortably and easily online or in retail. Various amounts are available to him, namely: € 15 for € 17.69 € 25 for € 27.79 € 30 for € 34.99 € 50 for € 54.79. Try google play gift card generator 2016 online developed by our team.

The final price is to be paid including VAT. The smooth each number is the amount that the user has the Google Play store for outputting available. The easy way to Google Play Store voucher redeem As simple as the user purchases the gift card bought, he can redeem them again. Given the voucher owner goes to this site and enters the code, which is on its Google Play store voucher. If the voucher contains a promotion code, copy it out for yourself and take him into the store. Click on the home page in the sidebar “Redeem Code” on the left. This will open a window in which you enter the discount code and can activate. Similarly, it also works with the gift card code. The vouchers as a gift card .The vouchers do not expire. This means the buyer can purchase a gift card with a high amount, have to have that credit expires sometime without fear. For this reason it is in the Google Play Store gift card to a really nice gift for others. This can then decide in the end, what he gets for it and always have a lasting memory of the Schemer on his smartphone or tablet.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution Online Hack

Hungry Shark Evolution game in which you control the character like a hungry shark in the sea and you earn points eating an animal or a human. Fish in the sea or on the beach, you can eat people. You will find yourself hunting boats or breaking something. It’s a sadistic maniac game. I tried but it looks pretty nice. The perfect place to relax. Games best scores are collecting money to help buy the shark. Downloading the APK I added, you can have unlimited money.


Hungry shark evolution cheats

While you kill the people or animals you will get a boost which is in the energy form and the progress bar on the top will increase. After getting all the works done you can complete missions. The megadon can be activated after you do your missions with all the work and glory. What is going on here is that you are being made a fool by the ubisoft company. You might think what rubbish am I talking about but the fact is once you get addicted to this game then you will crave to buy the in-app purchase stuff which in turn will make profits worth thousands of dollars for the development company. What if we tell you that we have made a bot which can get you all that stuff leaving you without spending your precious money. Yes you read it right we will be giving away a free tool which can be downloaded from Hungry Shark Evolution Hack .
After long four months without updating Windows Phone, the only game that Ubisoft updated, Hungry Shark Evolution is updated with important news and very requested by several: Bringing new sharks. And it is that the previous updates brought only the North Pole (speaking in iOS) and Big Daddy, the largest shark until then available in the game. Today, the application comes with Mr. Snappy (based on the prehistoric Mosasaur), making the new bigger and able to eat all the other available so far shark, also comes bundled with your shark breeding Mr. Snappy (Nibbler) and finally adding 2 small baby sharks who were elected by the community in a survey a few months ago: shark Wash and Zephyr.

Mobile Strike Guide For Android

Mobile Strike is a MMO strategy game quite like Game of War. Your goal in this adventure is to build a solid foundation and also to establish good alliances with other players. If you want to end Mobile Strike Hack, below find six tips to help you anticipate your opponents.



In this game, you have a series of missions to accomplish. Keep this in mind and prioritize your tasks as follows:


First, build things, do not forget to train troops and to seek other jobs to do.

The completion of the first missions you take a relatively long time. You should then make maximum progress to go faster.

Bases missions are among your core business. However, do not forget to do daily tasks, as well as the alliance and VIP missions. These activities can serve you and it’s worth it to complement them.


Note that you must return to the screen of a mission to collect your reward. Otherwise, do loads of bonuses to collect your rewards at once.

When you are in a series of battles and an enemy attacks you, know that it can not steal your resources if you have not yet claimed them.

Finally, you should know qu’achever missions unlocks skill points that you can use to challenge yourself in the game!


Unlike other games where the management of resources is very limited, Mobile Strike allows you to manage them freely, by accumulating in buildings. Then you must collect as many resources as possible, while taking into account to keep the balance between the number of assets in each building. Do not forget to also upgrade your warehouse to safely contain all your belongings.


Join an alliance


On Mobile Strike, join an alliance will help you gain a gold bonus, while unlocking allies, missions, homes and objectives. Also, if your ally buys an application, each member of your team wins a prize.


If a member leaves the alliance in your game, attack would be an advantage for you. This is a beautiful opportunity, and without risk of reprisals.


Connect on Facebook


Connect your Facebook account to your Mobile Strike to unlock the Gold Mine. You can offer your friends or your alliance and receive presents in return.


be patient


Patience is your ally in Mobile Strike. You should keep your time and use it boosts just the right time. During the games that take a lot of time, opt for patience, instead of using buffs quickly to finish the game. It is also necessary to disconnect from time to time in the game to complete the upgrade.

Snapchat: tips for the popular images-Messenger


Since its last update snapchat is not a pure photo-Messenger more, now, the app also video chats. And otherwise the app has some great features that many users do not know. From the secret-even self-destruction of messages that snapchat has made known to scribble on photos – with a few tips can really get out much snapchat.

Edit pictures in snapchat and add effects

About snapchat can be no pictures ship that were not made with the app. However, you need not completely give up the post. Under “Settings -> go to Manage” can be “Visual filter” Enable called color filters, with which the image quality can be improved. The “Smart Filters” option can be found here, with you, for example, recording location and time, can insert a watermark in the image information.

Funny, but with caution: the self-destruct feature

One of the funniest features of snapchat remains the self-destruct feature that allows you to specify for how long the recipient can view a picture or video message. The self-destruction you define on the clock icon on a screen. After tapping the icons you can select the display time. But even if it is reminiscent of Mission Impossible – sure your pictures are not so. A sneaky receiver can quickly customize namely still a screenshot from self-destruction. Therefore, a well-intentioned tip: Think before sending sensitive photos, if you can live with it if this is stored may forever on your smartphone of the receiver.

Tips for more expressiveness in snapchat: captions and Doodles

While it is generally considered that a picture is worth a thousand words – but sometimes it makes sense, nachzuhelfen a little. Although snapchat accepts comments, but you have the option to label photos or provided with subsequent drawings. To add text, simply tap after you took the photo on the display. To scribbling freehand on an image, tap the brush icon.

New in Sapchat: live video chats

Still relatively new in snapchat is the video chat feature, which can only work logically, if both parties are online at the same time. The change from normal mode to Messenger Video Chat is extremely simple. Tap in a Messenger conversation simply the blue button with the white circle at the bottom right of the display, then the app will automatically switch to video mode.

Snapchat Hack Tool

We have just figured out an awesome and 100% working hack for snapchat by which one can get access to someone’s snapchat account, no need to crack passwords at all. Just use this snapchat online hack and get access to any account now.

Diablo 2 free download for PC

I can remember neither birth nor phone numbers or PIN numbers, but  the CD-Keys of Diablo 2 Including Add-on Lord of Destruction in the respective setup mask. And I know the letter-number sequence not even heart – mind you I have only the hand movement on the keyboard. Probably because I have probably no other game program or operating system installed so often in my life as Blizzard’s action RPG.
Approximately once a year usually my circle of friends always the same ritual: juggle four CD’s, in between rinse twice the magic key sequence, download patches, install optional Graphic that mod and patch do not notice each other Mods again, the 800×600 resolution, and off you go.
But after two hours of installation, server search and character-negotiable, it usually takes only a further two hours, until the fascination Diablo 2 is gone again. Just arrived in the second act, one notices the appearance that the air is out. Continue as for the third chapter, I have not played Diablo 2 for years. So why do we find at all costs, if we already have no more fun playing Diablo 2 for obvious reasons?

You can Diablo 2 free download from clicking this link.


Diablo 2
Since I have played through Diablo 2 for the first time, ten years have passed. From games of enthusiastic schoolmates students or working adults have become in the meantime. Some of us have moved away, the day-long cellar-LAN parties, there is no longer, and besides me no one employs from the clique regular with games. So if we once again summon us for a game of Diablo 2, then not to play an ancient game. Rather it is an attempt to let the “good old days” back to life. For us, Diablo 2 is a time machine, a nostalgic relic, a promise.
When my friends today to chat with me about video games, then they do not want more than Titan Quest, Torchlight, Hell gate, Dungeon Siege, myth Death  Borderland speeches. Since hardly any of them playing more regularly, there are for them only one relevant question: “When will Diablo 3”?. That competitors are also great games, look much better and a similar pull unfold like Diablo 2, my friends do not care. You know Diablo. They loved Diablo.
Bring back the old feeling Diablo 3? But another Diablo than the one you get. As so often shatters our transfigured memory even when Diablo 2 to reality: hardly anyone in my clique has more time for a weekend into play to Peeve, the mood of the time do not want to come up and somehow that was formerly also everything great.
Therefore it is now Diablo 3Align: Finally threshing together Monster and doing tons of collecting treasures. Diablo 3 is criticized for the omission of talent points and the online compulsion, you do not get with a non-thoroughbred player. An example: Duke also Nukem Forever dominated despite subdued Reviews weeks the sales charts – since apparently enough players yearning for in the “good old” time that you (in the case of Duke Nukem 3D) connects internally with the name of Duke Nukem. For the same reason also Diablo 3 will sell like hot cakes, no matter what the critics verdict ultimately fails.
In the battle of the witch doctor uses mostly the ceremonial knife. This small blade has a relatively high amount of damage and it can sting very quickly with it. In addition to the hand of the old shaman usually has his mojo, which improves his magical abilities. The occult object can vary in shape occur once as delicate wooden stick or less pretty than dead toad. As a ranged weapon master of Voodoo has also, like the sorcerer, bars.